Our iOS app is a great way to deliver shareable images to your studio customers in a brandable way. You simply give them a gallery code they type it in to the app then, the images you published using our Lightroom plug-in are downloaded to the device. Inside the app clients can share the image by email or facebook. Watch the video below for a quick overview of the app.


  • Custom Splash Screen
  • Your logo at the bottom of the Add Gallery view
  • Client can add playlist using their built-in iPod library that will play during the slide show (Their Faverit Music with you photos and no copyright infringement) Pick from 7 slide transitions and slide duration.
  • Clients can post images to their facebook wall, it will show that it was posted by your app and put them in a gallery with your studio name
  • Clients can email images out without leaving the app and build buzz for your studio thru email
  • A specials and more area that can be use to share discounts, affiliate marketing, gallery code, etc.
  • Clients can call your studio with the touch of your phone number
  • Clients can visit your website with the touch of your web address
  • Pinch zoom any image and slide finger across screen to get to the next image
  • Easy to use Lightroom backend (Pro Image Share Plugin included with app purchase)
  • Clients can get driving directions to your studio
  • Push Server available for communication with clients (Yearly fee is required push server section of site)

Cost: One time payment of $320.”Buy Now” Button below. You will be automatically send a email with instruction and links to download psd file to help you set up your graphics and the Lightroon plugin. I will help in setting up your web host server side and collect phone, address and other info needed to customize your app. This is a self hosted solution so NO MONTHLY FEE.

Yearly maintenance is not required but you run the risk of Apple updating iOS and some of your features not working. Purchasing this app is just like any other software it works with the current version of the OS. Maintenance is included with the Push Server but can be purchased separately for $120 a year that’s only $10 a month to keep your studio app current with the latest iOS.

Ready to move your photography business into digital distribution. Let’s get started! Use the link below pay your $320. You will be email the download link for the plugin and all the graphic files used in the app. I will contact  you to answer any questions and get your server info to hook everything up for you.

ONLY $320 to get started   The second half is due when your custom app is in the Apple App Store. We’ll talk soon.



What’s the difference between a iOS app and a web app like what is produced by the Lightroom plugin.

1. A better sharing experience, when a image is shared with facebook the image is actually uploaded into their facebook galleries then, they can use it as their profile image, tag it or anything else they can do on facebook. With a web app they can just share a link to the app.

2. They can add music to their slide show using the music on their device. With a web app they can just watch a slide show.

3. For .54 cent a day get access to all you r user info and communicate with them through push notifications. $200 per year

Best of all if you get both with Pro Image Share! HTML 5 web apps for all devices and a true iOS app for your customers with Apple devices.

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