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This Lightroom plug-in will let you publish and host your own web apps. Using Lightroom just click the Pro Image Share Template, add your contact-studio info  and use Lightroom’s build in FTP to publish to your own web host (A2, Go Daddy, Host Gator, Blue Host, etc.) This will NOT work with services like Photobiz, Zenfolio or Smug Mug. They are not just a host and do not give you FTP access to their servers.

Watch the video below for a overview of the plug-in in action. REQUIRES LIGHTROOM VERSION 2 OR GREATER

This is the web app that was created in the video above:

Visit the link on your iOS device and get a drop down telling you to add this to your home screen giving the appearance of a custom app.

One time payment of $69 – publish as many web apps as you want for life to your own unlimited shared web host.

Please use the buy now link about.

$69.00 Add to cart

After purchasing please refer back to this page there are instructions for install both Mac and Windows, plus video that should get you started.

What are people saying:

Installing the plugin:
You should place unzipped file and then place it here:
On MAC OS: userhome/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Web Galleries/
On WINDOWS: Programs/Adobe/Lightroom/shared/webengines

After that the “Pro Image Share” template will show up in the web module of Lightroom in the top right panel.

Customizing the home screen icon:

On a (PC) go the the folder where you installed the Plug-In  “Programs/Adobe/Lightroom/shared/webengines”. Lightroom should be closed when altering resources. There you will find the resources folder under the ProImageShare folder. Inside the resources folder you will find all the resources the plugin uses when creating a app. Just open the icon files (apple-touch-icon-72×72-precomposed.png, apple-touch-icon-114×114-precomposed.png, apple-touch-icon-144×144-precomposed.png and apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png) in photoshop place your logo, flatten and save them right where they are located. That’s it now the apps will have your logo. You can also customize the other graphics too, just remember not the change their name or size.


In Lightroom go to the Lightroom menu option then Preferences(Mac). Under Presets click “Show Lightroom Presets Folder…”

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 11.24.20 PM

This will show you your presets folder. Go under Web Galleries and command click the ProImageShare plugin and select show package content (Mac) from the drop down menu. You will then see a resources folder, inside you will find all the resources the plugin uses when creating a app. Just open the icon files (apple-touch-icon-72×72-precomposed.png, apple-touch-icon-114×114-precomposed.png, apple-touch-icon-144×144-precomposed.png and apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png) in photoshop place your logo, flatten and save them right where they are located. That’s it now the apps will have your logo.

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 11.45.41 PM

On a PC go to Programs/Adobe/Lightroom/shared/webengines. You will then see the ProImageShare Folder, inside you will find the resources  folder where you will find all resources just save over the icon files with you logo and your done. (DO NOT CHANGE THEIR SIZE OR NAME)

Using Lightroom’s Built in FTP:

Watch the video below to see it in action.

Customizing Presets:


43 comments on “Lightroom Plug-In
  1. Will there be upgrades for this? The MyPhotoApp now has video and I was hoping that would be added to yours. I love the proimages plugin.



  2. Ron says:

    Hey Randy, I just downloaded the Back in Black perest and I’m having trouble opening it to add it to Lightroom. I don’t use apple-I have an acer. When I click on it’s zip form, it tries to open it. What do I have to do to convert it from a zip file to a usable file for Lightroom?

  3. Glenn says:

    Is there a way to add a password?

  4. I’ve got to say that I’m loving this app. Thank-you!

    There are two improvements that I’d like to suggest.

    1> be able to choose one of the filmstrip images for thumbnail in the plugin (I have clients with multiple shoots and it’d be nice to have an easy way to create a custom image for each shoot from lightroom)

    2> The Studio Name input shows up on the top under the image and the bottom under the share links. It’d be nice to be able to input a different link at the footer below the share links.

    Those two things would make this the best mobile app I’ve tried so far.

    • JohnDC says:

      1. I tried to do this but Lightroom will not do it. You can just create a shout cut to the resources folder and just change them before publishing. You don’t even have to restart lightroom it just grabs the files from the folder on upload. Your logo is better for brand building and you can change the name below per app.

      2. I may be able to do this I’ll look into it upgrade will come your way as I make them.

      Thanks so much So glad you are enjoying the plugin.

  5. Jim Layne says:

    Purchased the plug-in yesterday. Now, where do I get it? Thanks.

    Jim Layne

  6. Adalia says:

    Does this work with android too?

  7. Randi says:

    Hi John,

    I recently bought this plugin and I believe I have successfully installed it in Lightroom. I am trying to get set up the FTP end and ran into an issue with my current host Zenfoilio. It looks like they don’t support FTP and don’t plan on it in the future either. I tied exporting it and uploading it to one of my files and that did not seem to work either. Do you know a solution that would allow me to use this with zenfolio or would I need to find another host? If another host is required do you have any recommendations?


    • JohnDC says:

      You will need a regular old host like A2hosting, go dady, bluehost etc. Zenfoilio, Sugmud and other are photo service provider they don’t give you ftp access to the files. The good news is unlimited hosting is cheep. I have seen it as cheep as $50 a year and it is unlimited. So you will have to get a host. I recommend A2 they are my host and only $5.99 a month, they have great customer servive. Stick Albums and others provide you hosting and that’s way there is a yearly fee attached to their service.

      My recommendation is to by hosting from A2. You can use it for many things, backups, your mobile apps etc. If you do decide to go with A2 use this link so I can get credit for sending you.

      Sorry this wasn’t more clean. If you need more info give me a call (901)490-7904 I would love to make thing as clear as I can.

  8. Ole says:

    can you view this gallery from a computer as well? how does your client get access to the gallery? Thank you!

  9. Which logo file is used for the top of the main screen logo. I tried editing all of them, and I see that some are used for saving the little logo icon to the iphone and ipad, but I still don’t see my logo show up on the main screen.

  10. Kris says:

    I wish I would have found your plugin sooner! I just signed up for SA. :( This is exactly what I was wishing was available a month or two ago. I even floated the idea of hiring a developer to build it for me. I really wanted to drive traffic to my own domain. I may need to buy it anyway for when my other service expires. Will there be free updates?

    • JohnDC says:

      All updates will be free to all users but the price will go up to $69 soon so you could buy it and start playing with it. SA is a good product and you do get hosting :-). I am just filling the gap.

  11. Ben Lawson says:

    My StickyAlbums subscription is about to expire, and I’m really interested in switching to your plugin to self host. My only caveat is that your app doesn’t seem to download the images for viewing offline like SA does. Is this a feature you plan to include?

    • JohnDC says:

      It should. You get the warning that it needs a internet connection just like sticky but after you dismiss it the images are there because them are in cach just like sticky. You can disable the caching by unchecking it in Lightroom.

  12. nmp says:

    Seems very promising. i was just about to subscribe to My Photo App, which is much more economical and customizable than SA.

    2 features that I really like about MPA are:
    1) Custom app thumbnail for each client.

    2) All thumbnails can be the same size, regardless of the orientation of the images. Whether the actual image is landscape or portrait orientation, the thumbnail itself is a square and you can choose how to crop the images to make that square.

    Are you able to add these features to your app?

    Thank you!

    • JohnDC says:

      1. Yes just don’t use Lightroom’s built in ftp output the folder to your drive then change the icons and upload to you host with any free ftp client like filezella.
      2. No. As a photographer my self I bout link having to do 2 crops, I like my images not to be cropped less work and the client gets to see the full image and no a piece of it.

      My plug-in is not for everyone. I like a self-hosted solution because it makes me less dependant on others I can buy hosting cheap I am paying under $60 a year now and use it for lots of other things too. Web sites, blog, client galleries, photocart for sales and any thing else, all for the same $60.

      MPA is the best deal but $126 a year vs $60. The plugin is a one time fee of $69 updates for the life of the product included.

  13. What are the recommended size settings to reach the most devices properly sized? I remember you saying something in the movie about the proper setting for I-phones etc.

    • JohnDC says:

      The best advice I can give is it depends on the number of images in the gallery. More than you will want to make the images smaller for faster download and not to use to much memory on the device.

  14. Sean Molin says:

    Also, a heads up: As of iOS 7, the recommended touch icon size for Retina-display iPhones went up from 114 × 114 pixels to 120 × 120 pixels. The icon size for Retina-display iPads went up from 144 × 144 pixels to 152 × 152 pixels.

  15. Valerie says:

    Thanks! I’ve purchased and installed and got my first one going. How can we be notified of updates? :)

  16. Brendan says:

    I John, I just downloaded the app and it is so great! The issue I am running into is how do I save a template app so that I don’t have to change the color scheme and all the settings each time I create a new app for a client? Whenever I select new images it seems to want to go back to the default settings/colors/etc. Thanks in advance!

  17. nirz says:

    did you delete our conversation?! I was referring to some issues I was having with the plugin, you replied to one of them. I addresses additional issues and now the entire thread is missing.

    Did you not want to provide support anymore, or is this a website glitch?

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Dear John,

I wanted to thank you for your over-the-top help with getting my Lightroom app program setup. Thus far, all of my interaction with ProImage has been fantastic customer service. I look forward to making lots of clients happy by helping them to share their images while still protecting the integrity of my images.


Alex Ginsburg, Promotional Consultant, Master Photographer, Cr., CPP

John –

Last year, I purchased the Pro Image Share plug in and I can not thank you enough for all your help! I decided to purchase the Pro Image Share plug in after considering several others, but your options and level of service far exceeded anything on the market. I was so excited about the options Pro Image Share would provide for my clients, but after receiving the files I quickly realized I was in over my head after talking to support from my website provider. I was ready to chalk it up as an option I wouldn’t have, but after a quick conversation, you continuously worked until I not only had the plug in installed, but completely up and running. I’ve never been much of a technological person and I never could have provided my clients the options you have made a possibility! Thank you so much for making this technology accessible and affordable – this was by far the best money I spent in the past year!

Sara Fontanez

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