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Lightroom Plugin FAQs

1. Does it work on Ardroid or Windows 8 devices?
YES! The Plugin just creates HTML 5 sites, so they will work on any browner that is HTML 5 compliant.

However, not all Android devices support the ability to save a bookmark to the home-screen. It varies from manufacture to manufacture aka HTC, Samsung, Nokia, etc.

Adding a Home screen Icon on most Android devices
1. Bookmark the page you want to add to a Home screen
2. Open the browser “bookmarks” screen
3. Long-press the bookmark you want
4. Select “Add to Home screen”
There may be other ways to do this, it just depends on the hardware manufacture’s implementation of the Android OS.
2. What does self hosted mean?
You must provide your own hosting. You can use any host you want Go Daddy (My new favorite), Blue Host, Host Gator, A2 Hosting etc. Any unlimited shared host will do. By allowing you to provide your own hosting there is NO ANNUAL fee attached to the plugin because there is no yearly service. You will receive all plug-in updates FREE! 
3. Will the images be available if a client is off line?
YES! If you leave Off Line Caching checked a manifest file will be created so a browser will know what files to download. Off line caching also requires that your sevrer be set to serve the manifest mime type but this it easy do and I include the instructions in more detail with your download. For a more in-depth look at this offline caching method check here
4. What do you mean “Lifetime Updates Free”
All users of the Lightroom plugin will receive updates FREE of charge. I will contenue to listen to my user and integrate feature that are possible through Lightroom’s web module. If you have a suggested feature please email it to me at and I will try to integrate it into the next update.
8 comments on “Contact – FAQs
  1. Jennifer Barnes says:

    Hi John! I’m very interested in your LR plug-in and was wondering if you could go into more detail regarding all of your customization options in creating templates. In the video, you mention this, but don’t really go into detail about what options are available. For example, can you move the location of the social media buttons from the bottom to the top? Can you change the colors of the background?

    Also, is there any way of including videos in the galleries?

    Thanks so much!


    • JohnDC says:

      For now the share is only at the bottom. All colors are customizable background, gallery stage, header, footer, link and text colors.
      I have looked at adding video and will most likely add that feature to the next version which will be sent FREE to all users of the plug-in.

  2. Dave says:

    Purchased the special price yesterday but never received the product.

  3. Monica says:


    I have your LR plugin. I have a few questions regarding customization.

    1. I would like one of my images to take the user to an online form to fill out. How can I set a different permalink for this single image in the gallery?

    2. Is there a way to track how many people have seen the app?

    3. Do you have the preferred file dimensions for the app header image?

    Thank you!


  4. Dave says:

    Still no response… paid $35 through paypal

  5. I ordered the LR plugin but the order # won’t work and I never got an e-mail.

  6. Mark says:

    I have accessed the app on my iPhone but on the app I can’t share it with the text icon. Will this be fixed or am I doing something wrong?

    • JohnDC says:

      The text box shows up in the middel of he screen so on long sites it is to high and yes I am working on fixing this a update will be ready soon with fix and other features.

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