On my way back to SYNC

On my way back to SYNC 2017! This time to attend as a photographer, so if your there would love to meet up.

SYNC Rocks!

I will be at SYNC photography conference!

I will be attending my first conference as a vendor. Getting the work out about Audience Link the indy-project I have been working on for a few years now. If you are attending SYNC swing by the booth and say hi. Hope to see you there! For more info on the event got to www.syncrocks.comsync

Has your photography evolved?

Lightroom Retouching

In my last post I talked about getting to know the adjustment brush in Lightroom and  Brett Jarnagin’s Lightroom Retouching Toolkit. LTR is a set of preset labeled adjustment brushes for almost every retouching task or photo enhancement. Photo Biz got him to do a webinar and show how they work. You should check it out.

For only $89 it is a great starting point, as it would take quite a while to test and create these your self.