I will be at SYNC photography conference!

I will be attending my first conference as a vendor. Getting the work out about Audience Link the indy-project I have been working on for a few years now. If you are attending SYNC swing by the booth and say hi. Hope to see you there! For more info on the event got to www.syncrocks.comsync

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Has your photography evolved?

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Lightroom Retouching

In my last post I talked about getting to know the adjustment brush in Lightroom and  Brett Jarnagin’s Lightroom Retouching Toolkit. LTR is a set of preset labeled adjustment brushes for almost every retouching task or photo enhancement. Photo Biz got him to do a webinar and show how they work. You should check it out.

For only $89 it is a great starting point, as it would take quite a while to test and create these your self.

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Cool Lightroom 5 tutorial and Lightroom retouching

The adjustment brush has been greatly improved in Lightroom  5. We now have the ability to do most retouching in Lightroom and not have to round trip into Photoshop. You can retouch skin, lighten wrinkles, adjust eye color, make lips more glossy and more. Non destructive edits with sliders attached so, now you can go back and tweak to you hearts content.



Once you get an adjustment you like you can save the brush so, next time you need to a that adjustment just select the brush your created from the drop down menu and paint away. The adjustment brush is the key to retouching in Lightroom you can layer them similar to the way you can layer adjustment layers in Photoshop. Once you get a understanding of how it works you’ll be retouching in Lightroom and saving yourself time involved in a round trip to Photoshop and back on more retouching tasks. You can also buy brushes to give you a head start like the set from my friend Brett at lightroomretouching.com. I have Brett’s brushes and they give you a great starting place for skin, dodging and burning and may others there are 49 of them even brushes for adding makeup like lipstick or blush.

I am alway looking for a Lightroom 5 tutorial that will help me get a better understanding of the tools in Lightroom. If you would like a better grasp on what the Adjustment Brush can do in Lightroom, I found this great lesson on Youtube from lynda.com. You should check it out, good stuff. Thanks Lynda.com

Lynda.com has a lot of awesome classes if you are looking to purchase some traning I would check them out. There are plenty of others on Lightroom like this one on uploading to flicker from Lightroom.

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Audience Link Login

30% of GTLDs at GoDaddy!


Dear John,

I wanted to thank you for your over-the-top help with getting my Lightroom app program setup. Thus far, all of my interaction with ProImage Share.com has been fantastic customer service. I look forward to making lots of clients happy by helping them to share their images while still protecting the integrity of my images.


Alex Ginsburg, Promotional Consultant, Master Photographer, Cr., CPP

John –

Last year, I purchased the Pro Image Share plug in and I can not thank you enough for all your help! I decided to purchase the Pro Image Share plug in after considering several others, but your options and level of service far exceeded anything on the market. I was so excited about the options Pro Image Share would provide for my clients, but after receiving the files I quickly realized I was in over my head after talking to support from my website provider. I was ready to chalk it up as an option I wouldn’t have, but after a quick conversation, you continuously worked until I not only had the plug in installed, but completely up and running. I’ve never been much of a technological person and I never could have provided my clients the options you have made a possibility! Thank you so much for making this technology accessible and affordable – this was by far the best money I spent in the past year!

Sara Fontanez